Únicocare™  Intelligent Neck Massager – Unicocare Ltd


01 - TENS Low-frequency pulse technology

1) Gives you instant relief by stimulating real human like massage using a special TENS(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Technology.

2) Penetrate 3-5 centimeters below the skin to open the pain points and meridians, and lighten the pain of cervical spine.

02 - Heat massage with constant temperature

Hot compression at 42℃ can relax blood vessels, relax muscles and bones, accelerate blood circulation and relieve cervical pain.

03 - 3 Massage mode 

1) Mode 1: Automatic mode, suitable for stiff necks.

2) Mode 2: Kneading mode, suitable for chronic cervical strains.

3) Mode 3: Vibration mode, suitable for daily neck care.

04 - With 15-step force adjustment

1) Strength Level 0-5: Slight and slow strength, with the feeling of warm water therapy.

2) Strength Level 6-10Medium strength with the feeling of hot stone massage.

3) Strength Level 11-15Strong strength with the feeling of apparent stimulation, like Thai acient massage.

05 - Airbag Neck Design & Lightweight

Breathable skin with soft silicone directly contact with the skin without burdening. The body of the massager only weights 160g (similar with earphone).

06 - Long Battery Life

Easily plug to your laptop with a micro USB connector without worrying about power. Contains 1600mAh battery, one full charge gives you over 30 days of full relaxation with 15 minutes of daily use. 

07 - Noise Reduction Design

The sound decibel is controlled from 0 to 20, which is hardly audible when using. 

08 - Automatic Power Off Protection

It will automatically switch off after 15 minutes after using, and will switch off when left unattended after 3 minutes. It is safer and more secure to use. Great for Work and Relax.

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